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The High South
High South Ventures

Small and Medium Size Business Technology Services
Engineering - Installation - Support - Life Cycle Management
- Web Sites - Imagery/Graphics/Videos - Live Streaming Services

....and home of The High South Media Network!

High South Ventures was created in 2008 to provide the Cashiers North Carolina area's smaller businesses with corporate level expertise in the areas of Information Technology, Web Site Services, and Multi-Media, Social Networking and Marketing. Having worked for Sprint and The Home Depot in senior level IT engineering and project management positions, we offer a unique blend of technology services to the The High South.

History of the phrase High South: In the mid-1960’s as resorts such as Sapphire Valley, Hound’s Ear, Wolf Laurel and others began to expand adding southern snow skiing, Atlanta, Columbia, and the rest of the foothills began to take notice. Sapphire Valley, NC – our home community - is only 3 hours from many southern cites and families began to visit year round and enjoy the mountains in the winter as well. The term High South was coined in the 1960s to refer to this southern Appalachian / Smoky Mountains region.